Shaving… the Old Way

Even if infrequently, the occasion arises where technology has actually caused quality in a particular facet of life to deteriorate. This is indeed the case with shaving. After enduring years of irritation, razor bumps, burning skin and dryness, not to mention the inability to shave daily as a result of these problems, I researched and have found a solution: shave like my great grandfather did. I did some reading, some research, and headed to for some supplies. I purchased a Merkur Futur razor, a Vulfix super-badger Brush and some Proraso Italian shaving soap then waited for it to come (please exhibit some pride towards me for being patient).

Yesterday was reward day. My parcel came (simple joy arrives in small packages for me), I set up the new environment and I gave it a shot. Absolutely incredible. Besides being a much better shave for my face, it’s a wonderfully relaxing experience – almost spa-like. I definitely recommend the “bargain” Proraso shaving soap (it came highly recommended to me, and I can see why – the Eucalyptus oil and Menthol provide awesome tactile and aromatic sensations). The act of shaving is, in fact, completely different with a safety razor because rather than jamming a cartridge razor (I’m a Mach 3 convert) against my face and dragging, the razor is weighted and meant to glide (much on its own) over the skin, taking your beard with it. I had no irritation, bumps, burning, or dryness and much fewer nicks than even I had imagined.

Give it a try if you haven’t already.

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