“Shaving the Old Way” – the Review

A few weeks ago I wrote about taking up a new the old way of shaving. I promised myself (and a few others) that I’d sit down and consider how this was working out after I’d gotten the hang of it.

Vulfix Super Badger Brush – This is a basic shaving brush made with real badger hair. I’m still not real clear on the “super” in the moniker but I do know that the bigger the brush the more water it holds and the better it lifts the hair and that badger hair is supposed to be the best (especially if you have sensitive skin). I can’t do a comparison to another brush because this is the first brush I’ve ever used. However, after having used this brush I can testify that using any brush is definitely superior to the alternative.

Proraso Shaving Cream – This is an Italian gem. It’s quite cheap ($9.99 for a tube that looks like it’s going to last me a year) and is wonderfully refreshing when slathered on my face at 6 am. The glycerin and eucalyptus tingle probably makes the Vulfix brush seem even more effective. Very little of the soap is required to work up a good lather and it spreads easily over the skin, leaving the face smoothly at the stroke of the razor.

Merkur Futur Razor – This is the reason I’m glad I waited to write up the review. Impression #1: This is a high quality crafted implement. Impression #2: This is a highly qualified deadly weapon (that I plan to bring in contact with my face at 6 am). It really did take three weeks and three new razors to get the hang of this thing. Now (I think) I’ve passed oddly uneven shaves, large facial wounds and even the questions of whether I’ve made a terrible investment (of course I haven’t). I’ve read, bled, and said this before: this isn’t the kind of tool you drag across your face half asleep. I use setting six on the razor which takes the blade the furthest away from the “safety” and seems to work best for my face (I tried the full gamut of settings in my learning period). My shaves are quite close and, if necessary (though it usually isn’t), I can shave daily without irritation. This razor is light years ahead of my old Mach 3 (though the concept and technology are older) and I’d recommend it to anyone who understands that a little work and adjustment up front yield great rewards in the end.

[EDIT] I should probably also go ahead and plug classicshaving.com again – I’ve been quite impressed with their service.

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