Quick GTD with Gmail Tip

Check out this beautiful little URL: fancy!

This brings me to my Next Action list.

Big deal, right? Well let’s rope in some other technology (that I’m already using) to sweeten the pot of gold:

  • I posted the aforementioned URL into del.icio.us (a social bookmark manager that you definitely should be using) so it can be accessed easily by me from anywhere.
  • Since my Firefox installations all have a live bookmark on the bookmark toolbar to the RSS feed of my del.icio.us “daily” tag, I tagged the Gmail Search for Starred messages URL as “daily.” Since I perform a Firefox “Open in Tabs” on my “daily del.icio.us” live bookmark at least once a day, I have an automatic actions review reminder.
  • Since I use Quicksilver to launch applications do all of my work for me, and I have the del.icio.us module installed, I can now type: “cmd+space, a, c, t” and have my action list in seconds.

Wow, I’m easily excited.

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