Meetings: Good Idea, Bad Idea

It seems that the one carryover from brick-and-mortar, manual, old school business to the new knowledge-based economy is that upper management likes to have meetings. Meetings are necessary. Meetings suck. Here’s my meeting school: Meetings are good: Task assignments are best identified by the team, rather than just direct orders by a superior. Resource allocations […]

Staying on the GTD Wagon (Part III)

I’ve talked about little victories before and I think this is important to keep Getting Things Done. Two tips to help gain little victories: Track the little things. If I’m about to go to the store to go get light bulbs, I’ll go ahead and track the task. I’m not gonna forget to go to […]

Staying on the GTD Wagon (Part II)

It’s much harder to stay on top of your GTD if the system isn’t working for you. GTD works, so don’t blame the system. There are a number of small things that can go wrong, however, if you aren’t careful. Exercise regular reviews. If you aren’t reviewing, you aren’t Getting Things Done. I review my […]

Staying on the GTD Wagon (Part I)

I’m starting another series on GTD. I hear from a lot of people that they have a hard time staying in it once they start, so this will be a series of quick tips to keep it going. Unify your inboxes. Since I use gmail for GTD, I never fall down on keeping my gmail […]

Day 3 of 48

Today, I read Chapter 4 of 48 Days… which started off talking about goals and actions. If there are two things I can handle, David Allen made sure they were goals and actions. Dan Miller outlines a 5-step decision-making process: State the Problem: Easy. My career and my calling don’t match. I don’t work in […]

“Everyday I Write the Book”

Reader’s Digest has a feature, Only In America, which highlights “Ideas, trends and interesting bits from all over” – all over America, I presume. October’s edition of this feature included two very interesting storiettes. The first of these mentioned David Allen and GTD, clutter busting, and feng shui. The fruit of the meme, however, was […]