Uncle Widget (the real deal)

I’ve got big plans for Uncle Widget.

What started as a way to replace the horribly pedestrian music that continuously played in my daughters’ rooms has become a core component in my vocational adventure.

The first CD, Bedtime on Mars is meant to foster peace and creativity in your sleeping child. It gets them accustomed to the orchestration of harmonies, rhythm, and it helps block out the threat of incidental noise. The idea is that if they’re accustomed to regular sounds the interruptions of incidental, irregular sound will go unnoticed.

The second CD will be a playtime and dance CD. I’m working on this music now.

After that, I plan on following my oldest daughter’s learning process – focusing on the State standards for curriculum.

Check out the CD, and if you’re an iPod wielding parent, or if your kid has a MacBook Pro in their room, the CD is also available on the iTunes Music Store:

Uncle Widget - Bedtime On Mars