ONEredpaperclip. ONE.

So since Kyle from one red paperclip was sent to me by several different sources and made ABC’s Good Morning America this morning, I figured I’d make a few observations. Part of why this interests me is that one of my “sidejobs” happens to be real estate investing. Kyle’s ultimate goal is to “trade-up” from a paperclip to a house.

  1. Kyle is brilliant.
  2. Kyle will succeed. I’m pretty sure he’s gonna wind up with a house purely through his trades.
  3. Kyle was the first. It’s One red paperclip. He will prove the usefulness of bartering through this activity, but won’t get nearly the attention, and probably won’t succeed (yes, I know this is very similar to Seth Godin’s article on the million dollar website). Go out and barter, yes. Just remember that Kyle beat you to the blogification of the idea.