New Opportunities

On Tuesday, I promised you news soon. When I first did my ‘passion intersections‘ months ago, I listed technology instructor as one. About 3 weeks ago, my sister made me aware of a teaching opportunity with the company she works for.

I followed the appropriate process, and went to a 3-day training session in Philadelphia, PA. My employer graciously allowed me to take some unpaid leave time to train and keep my old job until everything was squared away with the new gig.

Today was my last day of work with my old employer. I’ll respect professional boundaries and leave out the name of the company, but will say that my last day of quality assurance work came just in time. I’m looking forward to the freedom I’ll have as an independent contractor teaching roughly two weeks a month.

This situation will allow me to pursue several of my passions while making a living doing another. Should be a great situation, I’ll keep you informed.

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