I’m Giving Lulu a Try

You’ve all heard of Lulu Self Publishing by now. For a while, I’ve managed to overlook Lulu’s eBooks. Here’s how that is relevant: I’m working on a big liturgical music planning resource. There aren’t many good free ones around (certainly none that will allow community editing like mine) and it’ll be a good way to introduce music ministers around the world to my music.

If the second hope is to come true, I need some distribution method. I’ve just recently started turning my sheet music into Lulu eBooks and putting them up for sale for a very modest price. Along with that purchase, you’re entitled to a year of use for a particular church – trust me, it’s a steal.

One of the best parts of Lulu is that I had a storefront up in about two and a half minutes. If you’ve got something to publish, I suggest giving it a shot. You’ll get the full review once I’ve actually sold some pieces.

The image-link on the right is a shameless plug for the Mass Setting I just completed today. The bingbit store is here: http://lulu.com/bingbit.