Family Life July ’06

As promised, and update on the family:

  1. It’s a… Ok, so we won’t know the sex of the baby for another 2 weeks, but Cindy and I are expecting our third child in December!
  2. What do you DO all day? Mom works at home with the kids, and I’m working at home. Since I’ve got some flexibility in hours, we occasionally will take a trip to the zoo or go on a shopping excursion. Note that lately, these have been infrequent because it’s so hot. Note, too, that when the weatherman claims that it’s 165 degrees with the heat index, don’t step outside lest you melt.
  3. This update was short. I really just wanted to make sure everyone know I was gonna be a daddy (again). I really do love fatherhood – even after getting peed on at the 4th of July festivities.