Evil Empires

I’m feeling especially angst-driven today. As a result, I’d like to offer up my short-list of evil empires of the world.

  1. Wal-mart: Steal from the poor and then offer up sub-standard employment to the poor to keep up the vicious cycle of work to buy (and then buy again because the junk you bought breaks).
  2. Microsoft: If we consider that Windows has corrupted the minds of roughly 90% of the computer using population into thinking that their way is best, no further commentary is required.
  3. Auto/Health Insurance Companies: Insert your favorite one here. Ask yourself “why would an insurance company be in business?” Some of my favorites (who have screwed me over in the past) are Blue Cross/Blue Shield and State Farm.
  4. Auto Manufacturers/Oil Companies: So ‘in bed’ with each other that the technology required to move us into a cleaner tomorrow is at a near stand-still.
  5. These are just a few. I’m sure I’ve made some people mad but I’m just in a bad mood today.

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