Don’t be fooled…

Let my first post serve as a disclaimer for anyone tempted to claim that I’d have my home-locale retrofitted to be a mini San Francisco, Seattle, New York, or Tokyo. I love home more than anything and have avoided moving to much larger cities because of that. Let my purpose be the opposite – an encouragement that technical productivity, modern society, and all around geek-life fundom can be had even in the relaxed-pace, pastoral, other-side of the digital divide.

I’m Bryan. I’m an over-enthusiastic software guy with a small family in Irmo, South Carolina – a suburb of Columbia, South Carolina (I know, I know – “Columbia has suburbs?”). I was born and raised in South Carolina, but haven’t lived here my entire life. I notice music, appreciate good design, forage for ideas, and brake for productivity (really). My phone has a camera on it, my computer has a piece of fruit on it, and I write things down to get them done.

Life is good. Knowledge and communication will make it better.