Day 41 of 48

Only one week left. I’ve made substantial progress internally, and have started to build a network of people who I believe will be instrumental in the journey. I have been with the book for several weeks, had time to reflect and have taken away the following:

  1. Being successful and sustaining by doing what you love is possible.
  2. Doing what you love is your best chance at finding success.
  3. Some people may find their passion working for someone else, some working for themselves.
  4. If you’d love to work for yourself, make it happen in a way that works for you. You don’t necessarily need to quit your job and start bootstrapping it tomorrow.
  5. Following through on an action plan is the only way to reach your goals.

There have already been some obstacles, and there will be more. Even though I’ve still got a week left, I’m now officially moonlighting as a composer/songwriter. If you’ve got a use for music in a multimedia production, video game, film, programming, advertising, or presentation, let me know. I’m interested in entertaining working on projects of any size.

There’s my plug, and you should do it too. Anyone making the switch to your passion, let us all know what services you’re providing and how we can get in touch with you in the comments (I won’t mark your plugs as spam).

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