A Productive Tuesday Afternoon

Today, I put in some massive effort towards 2 of my ‘passion intersections.’ A group of the teenagers I lead at church are volunteering to help repair the home of an elderly woman and there’s a good amount of organization and paperwork that need to be done in the next few days to make this all happen. I made some headway on that and then began planning some other activities we’ll be doing in the next few weeks.

In the midst of this organizational work, I got to do some composition. It’s my responsibility to put the music together for October 16th’s liturgy, and in true Bryan style I’ve already written the Psalm Antiphon with a good start on the verses and plan on writing a song for the entrance. *

I also mentioned to one of my neighbors that had expressed prior interest in music lessons that I’d be teaching. I may have found my first student, but all is yet to be seen.

*I had an idea to put up sort of an open-source liturgical music planning guide to allow musicians to provide ideas and advice for song selections based on the theme of the liturgy for a specific day. This could also probably bleed over into other worship settings that aren’t based on specific cyclical liturgies but on a theme or set of scripture readings. I think a wikipedia-like implementation of this could really work if enough musicians shared their experiences. I know of several resources that provide this information on a subscription basis, but none are free, and none are as accessible as this would be.