Reflection and Bonuses

First, regarding yesterday’s post: The statements made were not just out of momentary passion. Even after reflection I believe, perhaps even more strongly, that my concerns are valid and justified.

Bonuses: Annual Christmas bonuses at work, a free computer with the purchase of a car, or the child tax credit are all highly publicized “bonuses” that we’ve come to expect. I believe that a bonus should be unexpected. Give people more than you told them you would. Give them more than they expect – not less. Pay this ideal forward, and one day you’ll be blessed with getting something more than you expect.

Why? Marketing campaigns tend to hit the high points, all of the high points, and then hit them again. How many times have you paid for a movie ticket only to be less entertained than you were by the free trailer? The most effective marketing tool is your product itself because it brings people back. If a consumer discovers an interesting and useful feature they didn’t expect they will be more likely to come back next time to see what other surprises may come.

This doesn’t only apply to the business world. If your spouse asks you to vacuum the living room while they run an errand (of course the first step is to do exactly that), dust the furniture and (un)load the dishwasher too but don’t mention it. Even if they don’t mention that they notice, they notice. Your (edit – thanks, Seth) pointing it out will take away any cool points you earned from the extra work – its like adding the extra-cool feature to your marketing campaign (mistake). Keep it secret, keep it safe.

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