Opportunities Answer Commitment

There seems to be a phenomenal law of nature that if you commit to something properly, opportunity will find you. Maybe it’s God rewarding faith. Maybe it’s a result of increased vigilance for these opportunities. I’ll call it a combination of the two.

I have goals. That’s an awesome thing to say. When I didn’t have goals, where was I going? It’s been a while since I’ve had no goals, but the new meaning that my goals carry will hopefully lead me to success.*

Friday I announced two steps I was taking to stop lying to myself and move towards a career in music (sending a song in for publication consideration and recording a new take on an old song to prepare a stage act). Yesterday I was given a chance to lead the group at church for a second time, which will give me an excellent opportunity to compose a new piece for further publication.

I’m also telling as many people about the new plan as possible without getting fired. I’ll need people at shows, students in classes, my stuff rocking ear buds and a network of support. Having the backing of my friends is crucial.

I’ll take support any way I can get it. Thanks to everyone who has shown me a tremendous amount of that support and feedback!

* I had it out a discussion between two reasonable adults today about whether or not Microsoft was a success. I won’t explain my side here because it’s not important, but my counterpart was explaining that they were a success purely based on their net worth. Sure, money is a crucial resource for business and civilization but I don’t think we can even begin to describe success via money. If I believed otherwise, I certainly wouldn’t be praying that a career in music would come my way.

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