I realize I’ve skipped a few days. In short, understand that the world has changed and that I needed some time to reflect.

Now: the main topic, eloquence in writing.

To me, the ability to communicate effectively in writing is extremely underrated. There’s nothing worse than a highly educated or seemingly successful professional who has a dire inability to write in English. Is the Internet to blame for this loss of eloquence? This is a weak excuse, but I’m certain that it hasn’t helped.

My solution: keep the art alive and be vocal about it. When you see someone using quotes improperly, please tell them. When you see someone using “i.e.” improperly (it stands for id est, which translates to “that is,” and requires the trailing comma), please tell them. You know the rules but everyone around you doesn’t. How to be tactful is up to you but without the communication of these principles and ideals the modern mind of society as a whole will continue to dwindle to nothing.

Please comment with examples of wonderfully terrible sentences produced by people who should know better. We’ll have fun tearing them apart together.

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