eBay of the Week (100th post to SAW)

Washburn M3SW MandolinCheck out this Washburn M3SW Mandolin on eBay.

And stay tuned for another personal status update from me!

And a big round of applause for making it to the big 100th post.

Almost 18 months after I started… I’m (mostly) still here.

Also, please check out Zack Scott Reports. Zack paid large sums of money for me to compose his theme song, and he deserves the marketing. These reports are actually quite amusing.

Capture the Song

I’ve got a lot on my mind, so you may notice that I’m frequently publishing short little entries.

I’m still capturing at least 4-lines of lyrics to tape everyday, mostly with some accompaniment. Since I’ve gotten back into writing regularly, inspiration seems to come at odd times. Lyrically, I’m always prepared because I’ve got the tools. I am a little lost however when a melody pops in. I lost what I thought was a pretty good hook this morning because it came to me between the garage and the office. There was a time when I used voicemail to capture melodies and I’ve tried a little digital micro-recorder, but being a songwriter with a day-job requires the ability for me to very quickly capture an idea without breaking my context. Any ideas?

Jabra Bluetooth Headset

OK, I feel bad giving this thing any criticism since I haven’t actually used it, but I would like to know how you’re supposed to read the display with the set jammed in your ear.


Am I expected to take it in and out? How about a voice that reads the phone book entry name or phone number instead to help with my decision to take the call? Ooh, or maybe a HUD that emblazens a picture of the caller on my retina! Thoughts?

Television Anarchy

Previously on SAW, I mentioned our big move. Before the move I made sure that our home was equipped with a cable modem because so much of what I do depends on having reliable Internet access. Paritally as an experiment, I purposefully neglected to set up cable television at the new house. This experiment has proven itself useful. This machine that centers nearly every American home wastes an inordinate amount of time and brain cells weekly in my home. I’m going to experiment with the following guidelines to increase my nightly productivity – it might be refreshing. How many hours did you waste in front of the television last evening alone?

  • Limit time to an hour per night, but consider leaving it off completely 1-4 nights a week (every night if it pleases you, but I just can’t do without LOST). Spend an hour of your normal TV time doing something productive but not taxing, you don’t want to turn downtime into hard work. By now we all know that productivity != hard work.
  • If you’re reading this, chances are you get your news on the Internet, so don’t tell me you HAVE to watch the nightly news. It’s just depressing anyway. A lot of families watch the news or some other TV over dinner. Talk to your family. “People who watch television while eating also tend to be unaware of how much they eat, which encourages overeating.” (citation).
  • Relaxing is excellent, and TV is one way to do that – but it shouldn’t be the only way to relax. Play cards with your family, roommates, neighbors (it’s a very good idea to meet and befriend them if you haven’t already), or pets. Game night rocks, and rather than relaxing by vegetating in front of the television, you can exercise your mind.

If you’ve got any experience with these sorts of exercises, please let me know. Have a wonderfully productive, relaxing, and fulfilling weekend.

Gmail:GTD with Bluetooth Camera

Yesterday, another parcel arrived from amazon.com – yes, of course, my new bluetooth adapter. I will say that until recently, I was neither a fan of bluetooth nor camera phones, but now I am an advocate of both. I use gmail’s label & star system for GTD and the camera phone has added a new level of effectiveness to the system.

Frequently at a meeting, in the car, or even at lunch I’ll jot some visual notes down on my Hipster PDA that might include flow diagrams, purposefully arranged text, or drawings of mice. Rather than taking the time to somehow represent these non-linear, non-text thoughts in plaintext, I can take a picture with my trusty Nokia 6230, send it to my iBook via bluetooth, and attach it to the action or reference note in gmail.

In theory (I have not tried this yet, but probably will), I can record a memo on my phone, and follow the same procedure. This would be an excellent way to get song ideas into digital GTD action/reference format.