The Rentals + Ozma

Wow.  It’s going to be hard to come up with the proper words.  Words that will do these guys justice, words that will properly describe the emotion, passion, and energy of these two bands are not easily formed. I was a teenager when I first heard The Rentals, shortly after their first album, Return of […]

New Blog

I’ve decided to create another blog to differentiate subject matter. The crowd I’ve attracted to space-age wasteland is largely addicted to productivity methods, GTD, gmail, and other geekery and hackery (I’m a blogger, I may coin words as I please). For my new ministry and work in keynotes for youth events and for my liturgical […]

Bingbit Update

So why have I been quietly calculating my next move? First, some details on what’s different about bingbit. Old: Liturgical music publishers charge a per copy license for music and separate the licensing from mechanical reproduction: costly. bingbit: Parish Licensing Program allows music ministers and worship leaders to purchase a combination copy-limited piece of music […]