Uncle Widget (the real deal)

I’ve got big plans for Uncle Widget. What started as a way to replace the horribly pedestrian music that continuously played in my daughters’ rooms has become a core component in my vocational adventure. The first CD, Bedtime on Mars is meant to foster peace and creativity in your sleeping child. It gets them accustomed […]

I’m Giving Lulu a Try

You’ve all heard of Lulu Self Publishing by now. For a while, I’ve managed to overlook Lulu’s eBooks. Here’s how that is relevant: I’m working on a big liturgical music planning resource. There aren’t many good free ones around (certainly none that will allow community editing like mine) and it’ll be a good way to […]


The “coming soon” banner has been placed at bingbit.com and I’m working on getting the catalog digitized and forming a plan for the e-commerce side of things. bingbit’s first official offering will actually be available from CDBaby in a week or so. Bedtime on Mars by Uncle Widget has been out for a few months […]

Web Work and Hypnosis

I’ve been doing some web freelancing lately. Most recently, Jonathan and I designed and developed a site for our friends at Watermark Hypnosis. I’ve actually lost 15 pounds in 5 weeks through their program and would highly recommend them. Let me know what you think of the site design.