I am a Fivable Web Nerd

I excite easily. And when that excitement lasts for an extended amount of time, it turns into a burning passion to do good things. A few years ago some friends and I began to put together a consortium of talent and resources that focused on the web in a way that made sense to us. […]

C.M. Sexton & Associates – Irmo Remodeling

Looking to remodel your home in the Irmo area? New kitchen or bathroom? Maybe some custom cabinets? Mike over at C.M. Sexton & Associates would be glad to come give you an estimate. Take a look at his website for some more information, including how to get in touch with him.


All of a sudden, my custom theme (and seemingly most of my plugins) caused the front page of WordPress to no longer load. I’m very frustrated by this. I think that I might be frustrated to leave the resources I have here behind, but to no longer maintain the site. If you feel strongly about […]

Creative Funding

We indie musicians sometimes have to come up with creative ways to fund our projects.  Taking a production to the next level is one of these times. The first Uncle Widget CD, Bedtime On Mars was put together at home, with primitive tools.  It was a proof of concept.  The next CD will be for […]