A Monday Back in Swing

August has been a difficult month. My father has suffered a long history of health problems starting with brain cancer 16 years ago, aggravated seizure disorder, and two recent major spinal surgeries. On July 27th, dad fell after experiencing a seizure and severely fractured his skull. He underwent surgery to repair the injury, followed by four long weeks in the hospital with complications. Last Monday, August 22nd at about 11:35am, he died peacefully surrounded by his wife and children.

Today, I’m back at work. Dad, who favored routine, would have me keep busy. Not to take my mind off of him and how much I miss being able to go talk to him about music or to hear a story from his childhood, but because our daily lives represent what we do best. Dad appreciated the added value of someone with passion. Dad also believed in doing what you love. It showed in his work – teaching children, reading, and performing music.

I love you Daddy, be well.

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