2 First Steps to Music

Though putting my entire energy, heart and soul into my passion from the beginning, at this stage in my life it would be a poor choice. I am intent, however, on achieving my goals through persistence and passionate work. Today, I’ve put two things into motion to start making things move for my new vocation.

  1. I started packaging a kit to have a liturgical piece of mine published. I have several of these that are worthy of publication, but most of them aren’t in publisher-ready form. I’ve got one based on Psalm 67 that just needs a rough recording and it will be sent to WLP for review. This is just the first of many.
  2. I started recording a song this afternoon. Its composition and arrangement were completely finished for my last band, but we never got to perform it. This is an unfortunate situation because it’s a really catchy song. I’m proud to announce that it will debut here on Space-age Wasteland. This, however, will develop into a solo performance project for me to carry around town.

The plan is to spend my spare time working on this sort of thing. I’ll keep you updated each step of the way. I’m excited.

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